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Church Registration Form -- Step 1 

This page is intended for NEW listings only! If you just want to UPDATE an existing listing, go back to the home page and search for the church, then click on the UPDATE button in the upper right hand corner of the listing of that needs to be updated.

Please check to be sure we don't already have a record before providing a NEW listing on this form.

If you are sure there is no existing listing, then use the address box below to determine the latitude and longitude of your new listing.
The address box below will try to match the address you provide so as to fix latitude and longitude.
Please SELECT the top listed address that best matches the church location, including Country.
We review all new and changed records periodically to approve them for listing.

All new listings must have a definite street address, city, state, and country location before providing all the other data.



IF you expect to have NO internet service, we now have an app that can accept NEW records off-line. Point your phone's camera at this QR Code. Then download and accept our app in advance of travelling.
The app will sync with our change log when internet becomes available later.

If that doesn't work click this URL to install our off-line update app in advance of travellling.